Safety Information



1.Childen:Be very careful with children and your phone. A mobile phone contains a number of detachable parts. Exercise great care when children are in close proximity to the phone. The phone contains small parts that could be swallowed or cause choking. If your phone is equipped with a camera or lighting device, do not use it too near children of animals.


2.Hearing: Prolonged listening at full power using a lightweight headset or headphones can damage your hearing. Reduce the volume to the lowest possible level when listening to music or conversations. Avoid high volumes over extended periods.


3.Driving: Exercise care when driving. Driving requires maximum attention at all times in order to minimize the risk of accidents. Using a mobile phone can distract the user and result in an accident. You must full comply the local regulations and laws in force regrading the use of cell phones whilst driving. You are not allowed to use the phone whilst driving. A hands-free kit should not be regard as an alternative solution. flying: Turn your phone off when flying. Remember to turn your phone off when you are in a plane(GSM+bluetooth)As it may cause interference.


4. Hospitals: Turn your phone off near any medical devices. It is extremely dangerous to leave a phone switched on near medical devices as it may cause interference. You must observe any instructions or warnings in hospitals and treatment centres. Remember to turn your phone off in service stations. Do not use your device in a petrol station near fuel. It is dangerous to use your phone inside a professional garage.


5. Electronic implants and pacemakers: Users who wear pacemaker or who are fitted with an electronic implant must hold the phone on the opposite side to their implant as a precaution when making a call. If you notice that your phone is causing interference with a pacemaker, switch it off immediately and contact the manufacturer of the pacemaker for advice on what action to take.


6.Fire hazard: Do not leave your device near heat source such as radiators or cookers. Do not leave your phone charging near flammable materials as there is a real risk of fire.


7. Contact with liquid: Do not expose the phone to liquid or touch it with wet hands. Any damage caused by water may be irreparable.


8. Use only SCOSMOS approved accessories. The use of unauthorized accessories may damage your phone or cause a safety risk.


9. Do not destroy the batteries and chargers. never use a battery or charger that has been damaged. keep batteries away from magnetic objects as the latter might cause a short-circuit between the positive and negative terminals of your batteries and permanently destroy the battery of phone. as a general rule, you should not expose the batteries to very high or low temperature (bellow 0℃ or above 45℃).Differences in temperature may reduce battery autonomy and service life.


10. Shock and impact: Handle and use your phone with the utmost care. Protect your phone: Shock and impact may damage it. Some parts of your phone are made from glass and might break if the phone is dropped or is subject to severe impact. Avoid dropping your phone. Do not touch the screen with SHARP objects.


11.Electric shock: Do not try to dismantle your phone as there is a very real risk of electric shock.


12.Maintenance: If you want to clean your headset, use a dry cloth(Do not use a solvent, such as benzene, or alcohol).


13.Recharge your phone in a well ventilated area. Do not recharge your device when it is resting on a soft surface.


14. Damage to magnetic strips: Keep your phone away from credit cards as they may damage